Gifts to Benefit Others

There are many ways to support the Virginia Beach Education Foundation (VBEF) that do not affect you and your family during your lifetime. Including a bequest in your estate plan is one way to leave a legacy, but there are other arrangements, similar to bequests, that are simple and accomplish the same goal.

  • Bequests (Gifts by Will or Living Trust)

    Simple provisions in your Will can make a big impact at VBEF.

    When including VBEF in your will, please use our legal name – Virginia Beach City Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc..

    The following bequest language will serve for unrestricted purposes:

    I hereby devise and bequeath (a percentage of, or dollar amount) of my estate to the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc., 2512 George Mason Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23456.

    Since gift plans are the single best source to support and increase the foundation's vital endowment, we encourage our generous donors to consider leaving bequests to "unrestricted use for the benefit of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools" as deemed appropriate by the VBEF.

    However, if you wish to designate your bequest to benefit a specific purpose, please contact Coordinator Debbie Griffey to discuss your intent and the best way to phrase your gift in order to meet your intentions. Phone: 757.263.1069 or

  • Gifts of Life Insurance

    Gifts from a current life insurance policy may require only a beneficiary update. Contact your insurance agent to designate VBEF to be the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

  • Gifts of Retirement Plans

    Your retirement plan assets can make a fast and meaningful gift to VBEF while leaving more tax advantaged assets to your loved ones. Many people hold significant assets in tax-deferred IRAs, 401(k) or 403(b) plans.

    When you contributed to your retirement plan, no tax was paid on those contributions. Whenever the money is withdrawn - either by you during your lifetime or by your heirs after your death - the income tax becomes due. Naturally, as a charitable 501(c)(3) beneficiary, VBEF is income tax-exempt, so IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) funds to VBEF are not subject to income tax. In contrast, a child inheriting $100,000 from an IRA must pay income tax on that amount and is only able to spend the net amount after taxes - around $72,000, if the child is in the 28 percent tax bracket.

In order to honor your legacy, we ask that everyone who has chosen to remember VBEF in their estate plan send us a confidential, written record of the gift. By submitting the Forever Club form, you allow VBEF to recognize and honor your gift, while keeping our records correct and updated for the annual, confidential audit performed to maintain our Charitable 501(c)(3) status. Should you wish for your gift to remain anonymous, simply let us know.

Thank you for your commitment to Virginia Beach City Public Schools through the Virginia Beach Education Foundation!

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